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Structure Relocation

Frame or block, single story or more, we can relocate structures on the same site, or to another site.   We can move over the road or by water.  If you need something moved, we can do it! 

Foundations for frame buildings may consist of concrete block  around the perimeter, concrete pilings, wooden pilings etc. Whatever you and your engineer come up with,  we can build it for an additional cost.  

Foundations for block structures are included in the moving price.

Since all housemoves are different, please call for an on site appointment with us for a free estimate.

Johnson Housemoving Services
At Johnson Housemoving, we take care to provide our customers high quality service.  Our motto is  "We Move Anything" -  from frame and concrete block structures to boats, train cars, heavy equipment and machinery.  We relocate historical buildings for the Historical Society.  For years, we have moved all of Manatee and Sarasota County's portable school classrooms.  We move storage sheds,  large or small and agricultural buildings.  We even move pizza ovens!  
Would you like your home or business elevated?  Some people want to build more living area underneath, while some just like the extra space;  some want a break on their flood insurance.  Often you can get financial help from FEMA if you meet their requirements.  
Leveling your structure
Is your home or building out of level?  Do you have cracks due to settling, tree roots or sinkholes?  We can help!  We will level your building, replace existing rotten wood, add piers where needed, and do everything we can  to ensure your satisfaction.  We have engineered and permitted many concrete block structures that have settled and permanently stopped the settling and closed up the cracks.